Dating a white south african girl

dating a white south african girl

it also refers to a popular local motorsport culture. Example: Ekse lets make a betters with the mineral boss "nice" "that girl is boss, ek s" boppin "Very Good example: "awe ekse my brah, howzit your side? The word has many meanings or uses: "hello "goodbye "yes". "wiping your arse on it". Yiddish : "a sinner approximately equivalent to " white trash kate upton dating ". Annoyed enough to the brink of getting angry: Ek is gatvol vir jou kak. Refers to a troublesome situation as well as an exaggerated amount of money. To arrest, or get arrested). In Derek Attridge, Rosemary Jane Jolly.

Totally swat "Moderating a list of slang words is impossible and totally swat oke "Changing this word to swak would be totally swat oke". Praat 'n gat innie kop lit. Refers to a person who is sleeping in late, though it specifically points to the person wasting time because. Is an beautiful people online dating informal reference to a person's feet voete" in Afrikaans) directly relating the condition and size of the feet to that of an animal's paws. Skeef skewed, gay, as in: hy het 'n bietjie skeef voorgekom (he seemed a bit gay) skief to glare at someone (root: Afrikaans 'skeef skew) skiet kat - Vomiting skop, skiet en boomklim literally "kicking, shooting and climbing trees". (Look North, and go forth). "banana, banana, paw-paw ". Ousie Term used to refer to a maid, usually a black female; also used by black females to call/refer to each other pap also called "mieliepap is a traditional maize mielie porridge similar to grits ; can also mean "deflated". Also, when someone falls down: Plaas gekoop. To physically join two separate objects together: (Las die punte van die twee toue aanmekaar; Tie the two ends of the ropes together.) leeuloop - lit.

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