Kassiterit u pb dating

kassiterit u pb dating

Creation of water resource register: isotope and geochemical passportization. Ecology: Pollution source identification: isotope tracing waste-related chemical element migrations. Determination of noble gas isotope compositions (He, Ne, Ar, Cr, Xe) in hard organic samples. Scans across sections can be run on a programmed grid pattern as well. Rb-Sr age dating (bulk rock and individual minerals). Determination of C and N isotope composition in hard organic samples (coal, bituminous and graphite shales, graphite). Determination of C and N isotope composition gas and oil. REE in zircon, in situ U-Pb dating of zircons.

kassiterit u pb dating

Isotope methods realized in CIR:. Isotope geochronology Rb-Sr age dating (bulk rock and individual minerals). T-He underground water dating, point methods: U-, pb age dating of zircon grains.

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Methods of isotope geochemistry: Determination of the initial Sr and Nd isotope composition (bulk rock). Services, the modern LA-ICP-MS Lab at the Geological Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria offers analytical services to scientific and industrial institutions, giving priority to young scientists (students, PhD and Post-Doc) developing their career in the field of Geochemistry, Petrology, Mineralogy and Economic Geology in European Scientific. Some applications of this equipment are: - Analysis of trace and major elements in rocks and minerals; - In situ U-Pb dating of zircons from rim to core; - Analysis of melt inclusions in minerals and volcanic glass; - Evaluation of impurities in metal samples;. Aquatic economy: Natural water quality control: isotope and geochemical water scoop monitoring. Radiocarbon (14C) organics age dating.

kassiterit u pb dating

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