Blind dating film

blind dating film

and as a result is blind, and as he grows toward age 21 he feels he is unattractive to women. He spends the other half falling in love with his eye doctor's receptionist, Leeza (Anjali Jay who is the catalyst for him to have surgery to regain his sight. It was not necessary for Danny to try to change who was, Leeza still chose him because of his personality and sense of humor and outlook on life. Finally, there's the relationship between a blind man and a sighted woman, a romance based movie, either drama or comedy, or the relationship between a Caucasian American male and an female of Indian descent from a very traditional Indian family, and the difficulties they would. But this movie treats Danny like a joke surrounded by phoned-in caricatures. She has been promised to a traditional East Indian arranged marriage. I guess she blames herself because I was born three months premature. However, he soon realizes that the girls that he goes on dates ignore his personality and focus on the fact that he is blind. It's such a compelling story - how can you not root for this guy? Here he demonstrates to all that he is a talented actor. At the end of the movie, Danny and Leeza end up together, and the eye surgery is not as successful as it should have been.

Not only is the main character named Danny blind, he also goes on several blind dates with many different types of women in order to find a woman that will accept him and his disability. See more » Connections References Die Sopranos (1999) See more » Soundtracks Emily Written and performed by Stephen Fretwell See more » Getting Started Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page Stream Popular Sci-Fi Titles With Prime Video Explore popular sci-fi movies and TV shows. Evans played by Jane online dating mann initiative Seymour. Also there are some dramatic parts that are nice and you can have an overall nice time watching this movie. Being of Indian descent I felt some of her insecurity, but I think had she been more developed more everyone could have really felt. It is in Theaters now. Girls think he's hot and his psychiatrist. He maybe be blind but not that silly. And then I expanded "friends" to include "everyone I could possibly think of". If you didn't catch At First Sight (and you wouldn't be alone Kilmer played a blind masseuse who falls in love with Mira Sorvino and undergoes a revolutionary surgery to regain his sight.

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